Animal Associations



AIC (Agricultural Industries Confederation)

The Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) is the agrisupply industry’s leading trade association. The AIC has over 250 Members in the agrisupply trade and  represents several sectors within the agrisupply industry including: Animal Feed; Crop Protection and Agronomy; Fertilisers; Grain and Oilseed; Seed. 



BAFSAM (British Association of Feed Additive Manufacturers)

BAFSAM is the British Association of Feed Supplement and Additive Manufacturers, a trade association looking after the interests of the manufacturers and processors of animal feed additives, specialty feed ingredients, premixtures and feed supplements.


Beta (British Equine Trade Association)

BETA was formed in 1979 and has grown to be recognised and accepted as the official representative body for the equestrian manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade by Government and leading riding organisations.



FEFANA - EU Association of Speciality Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures

FEFANA is the united voice of the specialty feed ingredients business in Europe where the industry generates an annual turnover of 5 billion EUR. FEFANA membership comprises manufacturers and traders of feed additives, functional feed ingredients, premixes and other mixtures of specialty ingredients.