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Protexin Healthcare is dedicated to producing innovative, research based live bacteria products of the highest quality for the veterinary, human, agriculture and equine healthcare markets.

The natural supplements we manufacture are extensively researched for safety and efficacy.
We work closely with leading universities and research centres around the world on a range of ongoing research programmes.

What's new
Largest-ever IBS-D trial results published!

Largest-ever IBS-D trial results published!
The 14 strains of “gut-friendly” bacteria...

What's coming up
BANT AGM & Conference 2019

BANT AGM & Conference 2019
Following on with tradition, BANT have another exciting...

Meet our team
Company Video

Take a look at our video and we will introduce you to the Protexin team as well as a behind-the-scenes view on our production processes.

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