Developments in the Equine Premium range.

Equine Premium are excited to announce two exciting developments in the Equine Premium range for 2014:


ACID EASE - New concentrated formulation

Acid Ease has come to be recognised as an effective product to buffer excess acid in the stomach.

Always looking to improve our products, and based on customer feedback, we have re-formulated Acid Ease into a palatable powder presentation, creating a more concentrated formulation.

Now available in 1.5kg and 3kg buckets.

Acid Ease 1.5kg


Gut Bind is a two day course of probiotics, prebiotics, kaolin and pectin designed to settle a foal's disrupted gut.  Also suitable for horses.

Gut Bind is ideal for use in foals from day one, up to and over foal heat to alleviate any scouring problems.



Both these changes coincide with the introduction of Protexin Equine Premium to the veterinary market.