As #twittereventings newly appointed 'experts in digestive health', Protexin Equine Premium wanted to know more about the group’s history and who they are, and so asked Sarah Skillin from the management team to write us a nice guest article.

 Sarah and Theo

Sarah Skillin and Theo

What and who is #twittereventing?

#twittereventing is an elite, hand picked group of outstanding athletes with highly talented steeds who at all times keep the horses between them and the ground.....

Moving out of dream world and into reality for a minute, #twittereventing is actually a group comprised of, and set up to support event riders and others interested in, or associated with the sport.  We share information via our Facebook group and also via our Twitter account (@twittaeventing).  But it goes far beyond that - we have created new friendships, we provide advice, support each other, pick each other up from the floor at events and applaud our successes.  We also work with partners such as Protexin Equine Premium to offer members expert advice from those in the know, Tried and Tested products, discounts and sponsorship for leagues and monthly competitions.

The group started in January 2013 when a group of friends on Twitter were joking about going to an international event.  Only one of the friends was likely to achieve the goal as a rider in the near term - but by the end of the evening we had a driver, a doctor, a vet, a cook, a groom, an eventing mum, a Physio, a lawyer (!) and many more!  After that the Facebook group was formed….it was slightly tricky discussing all of this in 140 characters or less!

On the face of it as a social media community the group runs its self, however there is an awful lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes to bring together sponsorship deals, events, group discount schemes and provide PR and marketing for the group.  The #twittereventing ‘Management Team’ consists of 6 exceptionally hard working individuals, all of which have full time jobs, horses and in 2 cases, families to run as well – Alexis Ross, Alison Edwards, Charlotte West, Nikki Goldup, Tamsin Drew and Sarah Skillin, who share the work load, work as a team and strive to make the best out of #twittereventing for the benefit of all of its members.

At the time of writing this the group’s membership currently stands at 1,271…but we expect by the time this goes to print it will be in excess of 1,300 as we receive daily requests to join.  We’ve spread our wings since the early days and now have a global presence with a reach as far as South Africa, the US and Australia, and a membership ranging from unaffiliated to 4****.  We are of course aiming for global domination before our second birthday!

But despite our growth, #twittereventing’s aim remains consistent - supporting our members in whatever way we can and bringing people together by way of an informal network and a place to ask silly questions, make new friends and shout about how amazing our mighty steeds are.

Alexis Ross

Alexis Ross and Billy - image courtesy of MDR Photo