Recovery and Rehabilitation with Probiotics

Probiotics are a great everyday supplement to use to help keep your horse’s immune system in best working order to avoid illness and digestion related problems.  With that in mind, where do probiotics come into play if your horse is already unwell, or is recovering from illness or exertion?  Our product Recover Aid has been formulated with recovery and rehabilitation in mind.

 Recover Aid

Recover Aid is a palatable powder to aid recovery following strenuous exertion, a long journey or a virus. Carefully balanced ingredients help liver function, strengthen immunity and aid digestion. Recover Aid is presented as a ‘rip and tip’ powder in a 15g sachet which you add to feed once a day. Horses are known to seek out dandelions when they are unwell which is why Equine Premium have added a dandelion flavoring to Recover Aid to help aid palatability and compliance.  It is sold as a 14 day course, but can be fed for longer or shorter periods, depending on the situation. 


Recover Aid contains carefully balanced ingredients chosen for the following functions:

• High dose B group vitamins to help build the blood profile, bolster immunity and help liver function

• Pharmaceutical grade extract of Milk Thistle called Silybin that helps to cleanse the liver and increase function and efficiency

• Vitamins C and E, giving an antioxidant effect and protecting cell structures

• Protexin probiotic and Preplex prebiotic to help restore the microflora balance, aiding efficient digestion and immunity.


Recover Aid can also be used as a pre and post-race or competition boost. Event Rider Oli Smith says: "Since using Recover Aid, the difference in my horse’s performance and overall wellbeing is unbelievable. They look and feel fantastic and are performing out of their skin week after week."

Oli Smith

Recover Aid 14 x 15g RRP £35.35