Press Release - Recover Aid

Press Release

New Product launch, 12 November 2010 - Recover Aid

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new product Recover Aid which is a palatable powder to aid recovery following strenuous exertion, a long journey or a virus. The new product can be used as a pre race/competition boost and has been formulated with carefully balanced ingredients to help liver function, strengthen immunity and aid digestion. Recover Aid is presented in 14 x 15g sachets, RRP £23.95

“Earthmover really picked up and is now on fire since I tried him on Recover Aid. He’s now 19 and Open Team Chasing, he loves it and has never felt better, I couldn’t recommend the Protexin Equine Premium products more highly!”

Charlotte Alexander & Earthmover of RoR Lycetts, A Class Act. (Earthmover, twice winner of The Christies Foxhunter Chase, Cheltenham)

For more information on Recover Aid and our products follow this link