Protexin Equine Premium sponsor British Team Elite Squad riders

Protexin Equine Premium is proud to be sponsoring the British Team Elite Squad riders at the Europeans Championship at Florac in September!

Protexin have supplied The British Team Elite Squad riders with a tub of Gut Balancer and Quick Fix which will be used on the run up to, and during, the Europeans Championships.

Probiotic supplements are of great importance during competition season as they are the non-medicinal solution to helping horses stay healthy and managing specific conditions cost effectively. The Protexin Equine Premium range comprises of four innovative products Gut Balancer, Quick Fix, Acid Ease and Recover Aid of which all have great benefits in helping horse owners get their horses ready for the competition season. Gut Balancer and Quick Fix are essential products for riders to give to their horses during competition season as Gut Balancer is an everyday supplement containing probiotics, prebiotics and yeast on a palatable grass meal base which encourages normal digestive function in a horse. This is a great everyday supplement to keep the horse it tip top condition when competing. Quick Fix a highly concentrated probiotic and prebiotic paste to rapidly re-establish the horses gut microflora in times of stress or change, including travelling (especially to a competition), worming and antibiotic treatment. This product is a more natural solution over a pharmaceutical sedative.

For more information on the European Championships please follow this link