The use of Protexin probiotics in agriculture

The Protexin range of probiotics are among the most widely researched and proven products within the agricultural industry. Research at many Universities has been coupled with producer trials to give a broad based library of research papers. Protexin products have been shown to work both in scientific theory and in commercial practice.

Studies have been undertaken with all production animal species. Protexin products have been shown to improve animal growth rates which is of more significance in todays market with feed costs now being so high. Our products also show improvements in feed conversion rates. The effect of increasing feed costs can be offset by getting more animal production from each unit of feed.

The early use of probiotics was often based upon claims of improved animal health and this has been shown to be the case with Protexin. We have trials showing a reduction in salmonella and E coli disease problems in both pigs and poultry. Stress can also be a limiting factor upon animal production and here again University trials have supported the use of Protexin in situations where animal performance suffers, such as in heat stress.

For consumers and many producers, animal welfare is also an important issue and more recent trials with Protexin have shown benefits in this area. For example, improved leg strength for broilers that were fed Protexin reduced the need for culling of modern high growth rate birds for what is a metabolic rather than a disease condition.

Looking to the future, Probiotics International Ltd (Protexin) will continue with a programme of research studies so that Protexin products can remain the leading probiotic for use within the agricultural industry around the world.

Product formulations and recommendation may vary from country to country so please check with your national distributor. Details of which can be found in the distributors section of this website. Should a national distributor not be appointed for your country then please do contact the Probiotics International offices direct.

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