Lepicol goes Potty to Raise Money for Charity!

Lepicol are pleased to announce that they have raised £1200 for charity by selling decorative toilet seats! Twenty two pieces of unique toilet seat art were on display at a recent exhibition, Camexpo 2013 where people could choose their favourite to take home.

Lepicol Events for Namuwongo Cheque

Lepicol Marketing Executive Lauren Lemmer pictured with Carsten Holm, left (Diversified UK Managing Director) and Dominic Roberjot, right (Diversified UK Publisher). Diversified UK organise Camexpo.

An impressive £600 was raised, with Probiotics International Ltd (manufacturers of Lepicol) matching the donation, resulting in massive £1200 being split between charities; Toilet Twinning and Camexpo’s chosen charity, Events for Namuwongo. Toilet Twinning, run by charities Cord and Tearfund, raise funds to provide people in third world countries with safe sanitation, clean water and hygiene education. Events for Namuwongo transform the lives of the Namuwongo community, a slum of up to 30,000 people in Uganda, to give its inhabitants a brighter future. The charity tackles issues such as poverty, polluted water and a derelict sanitation system.


Lorraine Kingsley, Chief Executive of Toilet Twinning commented: ‘We love the unique idea Lepicol adopted to raise money for Toilet Twinning. We would like to thank everyone who bought a toilet seat for their kind donation’.


Lepicol Toilet Twinning Cheque

Lepicol Marketing Executive, Lauren Lemmer pictured with Lorraine Kingsley (Toilet Twinning Chief Executive) and Helen Bacon (Toilet Twinning Supporter Services)

Lepicol will be following those who purchased a toilet seat and will provide updates on what they have done with their toilet seats via their Facebook page (LepicolUK).


Visit www.toilettwinning.org and www.eventsfornamuwongo.com for further information about the supported charities.


The Lepicol Toilet Seat Gallery

1. Waterfall, by Lepicol employee Ali Dunford. Bought by Diversified UK
2. Keep CAM and Carry On, by Diversified UK. Bought by Target Publishing
3. Media Seat, by Mostly Media. Bought by Target Publishing
4. Gentle Route, by Lepicol. Bought by Swordfish Media
5. This Way up, by Lepicol employee Kate Rouse. Bought by GES
6. Clear Passage, by Lepicol. Bought by ARCH
7. Lego, by Sarah T. Bought by Jonathan Sowler
8. Hippo, by David Woolway. Bought by Kate Rouse
9. Lepicol, by Lepicol. Bought by Toby Lewis
10. Toilet Twinning, by Toilet Twinning. Bought by Nottingham Health and Wellbeing Clinic

Lepicol toilet seat gallery

19th November 2013

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