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Probiotic Supplement Contract Manufacturer

Probiotic Contract Manufacturer

Probiotic Supplement Contract Manufacturer, ADM Protexin has a diverse range of capabilities and expertise to support our partners right from product conception, all the way through to the launch of the product.


We specialise in the production of scientifically supported probiotic finished goods and offer a broad range of formats, from our state of the art facility here in Somerset, United Kingdom, or from one of our trusted production partners around the world, ensuring that every batch is produced to the highest possible quality.  

We offer a range of solutions suitable for Human health, Equine, Dogs, Cats and Companion Animals. 

Probiotic Contract Manufacturing Capsules

Probiotic White Label Products

From market ready products to new product development


Whether you wish to select one of our market ready products or develop a novel solution, as an experienced probiotic contract manufactuer we have the right set of expertise to make it a reality and support you every step of the way. With over 30 years of experience within the industry and a global ADM network, we have the ability to support you with all areas of the product development process and beyond.

Developed for your customer's needs, delivered in the format you require


Our scientifically supported products target the latest trends within the dietary supplement industry, including but not limited to: cognitive, digestive, immune, sport, skin, metabolic, women’s health and many more.

As a specialist probiotic contract manufacturer we offer products in all shapes and sizes, so that the final dosage form best meets the needs of your customers. From bulk powder to be mixed into a drink or capsules in a highly protective moisture barrier blister.

Probiotic Contract Manufacturer UK