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Our Values

Our core values express what we expect of ourselves and each other. They guide our behaviour, and they serve as the foundation for our decision making. In everything we do at Protexin, we embrace and embody these values:

  • Have Integrity – Be honest and true
  • Show Respect – Treat everyone and everything with care and consideration
  • Achieve Excellence – Be great at what you do and keep getting better
  • Be Resourceful – Make it work the right way
  • Practice Teamwork – Succeed together
  • Take Responsibility – Own it. Don’t give up
our values

Probiotic Supplier
Conducting Human Clinical Trials & Pre-Clinical Studies

ADM Protexin is dedicated to producing innovative, research based live bacteria products of the highest quality for the veterinary, human, agriculture and equine healthcare markets.

The natural supplements we manufacture are extensively researched for safety and efficacy. We work closely with leading universities and research centres around the world on a range of ongoing research programmes. 




Quality Accredited Manufacturing and Distribution

As a probiotic manufacturer distributing to over 90 countries around the world, where in some regions probiotics are considered medicinal, the site has obtained cGMP certification. In other regions where probiotics are considered as dietary supplements or complementary feed, the site also holds certification in FSSC22000 (Global Food Safety Initiative), UFAS (Universal Feed Assurance Scheme), FEMAS (Feed Materials Assurance Scheme), BETA NOPS (British Equestrian Trade Association) and ISO9001.



Probiotic Manufacturer

Probiotic Manufacturing

We're proud to be a supplement & probiotic manufacturer helping people and animals for over 30 years

Some of our real reviews about ADM Protexin manufactured products:

Human Healthcare

"I've had IBS / Diverticulitis for a number of years and prescribed treatment only gave limited relief. Your probiotic was recommended to me, and within about a week of starting to take them I was pain free and able to eat most types of food. Brilliant result."

Small Animals

"This is amazing works a treat when my dog is suffering with tummy issues . Always have it in the house. I can't comment on the flavour myself, but pooch likes it."

Human Healthcare

"From someone who has suffered with various problems with UTIs and chronic bladder pain for about 15+ years... these tablets have changed my life. I cannot recommend them enough."

Equine Healthcare

"Love this product- keeps my elderly horse happy year round. He’s prone to colic and since putting him on this around 3 years ago the instances of colic have greatly reduced. Well worth adding to your horse’s diet!"

Probiotic Manufacturer UK