Bio-Kult Student Bursary Winner

Bio-Kult are delighted to announce that Victoria Sims has won the 2016 Bio-Kult Student Bursary and bagged herself £1000 to spend on her nutritional career goals. Runner up, Zoe Warner also won £500. Victoria and Zoe were invited to CAM Summit (25th June) to be presented with their cheques.

Naturopathic Nutrition student, Victoria, has had a life-long interest in well-being and the role of nutrition.  She plans to set up her own practice, offering a holistic service to clients with a focus on nutritional support and enhancing well-being. Alongside this Victoria plans to continue to volunteer with a charity that offers help and support to people in recovery from addiction and female survivors of domestic abuse. Victoria will be looking to provide free-to-access nutrition consultations and clinics to those who seek help from the charity.

Victoria said, “To have my plans for the future acknowledged has given me a huge confidence boost and is the culmination of three hard years of study and confirmation that working in the field of nutrition is where I want to be heading.”

Having already secured access to premises in which to practise and access to a varied client list, she will be using the bursary money to set up her practise. She intends to specialise in mood disorder, specifically with regards weight issues and addiction and to focus on areas such as inflammation, genetics and methylation. Victoria intends to enhance her practise with the purchase of a BodyStat 1500 BIA machine, attending the Ingeneius training for Nutrigenomics in Practice as well as membership to BANT and CNHC registration and a marketing plan for her business.

Runner up, Zoe, a student at Gloucestershire University plans to spend her £500 on setting up training courses to give carers of injured veterans’ nutritional advice to help them improve their health from the inside out.

Brand Manager at Bio-Kult, Hayley Milne comments; “Every student is studying to make the world a healthier place and both students and practitioners are incredibly important to us. Each journey is individual but every Nutritional Therapist’s goal is the same to help people lead healthier, happy lives, an important goal that Bio-Kult wants to help achieve too. Bio-Kult is thrilled to be able to give Victoria and Zoe a helping start to their careers. We wish them all the best and look forward to hearing about how they progress.”

Due to its success, the student bursary will return in 2017. Students can be notified when 2017 applications open by registering here. Victoria added, “Definitely give it a go. I never expected to win, but now that I have, it has given me greater inspiration to pursue my dreams and aspirations for my future. I would like to thank Bio-Kult for this amazing opportunity, CNM for supporting me in my studies, and am looking forward to updating everyone over the next year.”


16th August 2016

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