NEW! Lepicol can now be taken on the go go go!

Due to overwhelming demand, Lepicol is pleased to announce the launch of  their new Lepicol 14 x 5g ‘on the go’ sachet pack.


Lepicol is well known in independent pharmacies and health stores to our many loyal customers. However the standard pots of 180g, 350g and the 180 capsules doesn’t give you the flexibility to take the product with you whilst on the go. With the same great formula found in the Lepicol 180g, and 350g. Lepicol now comes in an easy to carry compact box containing 14 x 5g sachets, making it the perfect ‘on the go’ companion for you.


“Lepicol is well known as a strong effective product for maintaining healthy bowels”, says Hayley Milne – Brand Manager. “With our new sachet packs we are giving you much more flexibility and ease to maintain a healthy bowel whilst you’re away from home”.


Lepicol 14.5g sachets retail for £8.95 and are widely available in independent pharmacies and health food stores and the online Lepicol shop - click here.


Look out for more exciting additions to the Lepicol range coming soon……. 

14th September 2016

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