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With almost two-thirds of Brits admitting to being on a diet “most of the time”,you can rest assured that you’re not alone when it comes to watching what you eat and calorie counting. Whether you’re looking to lose weight for health reasons, or just want to squeeze back into a favourite dress, Lepicol Lighter could give you a helping hand in achieving your diet goals.

Strict diets can often be hard to follow, and quick fixes which promise instant weight loss results are not sustainable in the long term and often lead to weight gain. To ensure a healthy weight loss, it is important to follow a balanced diet, which will give you all the nutrients you need to fuel your body and prevent you from falling “off the wagon”.

Lepicol Lighter is a new and exciting, natural food supplement which could assist you on your weight loss journey, by helping you feel fuller for longer, and curbing any sugar cravings.

Its key ingredient Glucomannan, is an additional fibre source which contributes to weight loss when combined with an energy restricted diet. When taken before a meal, Glucomannan helps to reduce the hunger hormone, Grehlin which in turn will help you to reduce the amount you need to eat before you feel full. If eating less don’t forget to make sure what you do eat is as nutritious, nourishing and enjoyable as possible! Glucomannan has also been shown to have prebiotic effects similar to inulin, and has the potential to bind to and remove toxins released from fat storage during weight loss, to help enhance results.

Another pitfall which dieters often face is succumbing to snacking during the day, when sugar levels dip, especially if on a very low calorie, restricted diet. These cravings could be curbed by taking Lepicol Lighter, which contains Chromium, an essential mineral that helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels and by consuming adequate healthy fat and good quality protein with each meal.

Lepicol Lighter also contains 7 strains of live bacteria to keep your gut healthy and balanced, which is essential when trying to lose weight. These live bacteria help to rebalance gut microflora and support healthy digestion, which in turn could potentially aid with weight loss and the reduction of BMI and fat tissue.

So forget the fad diets and kick start your weight loss regime with Lepicol Lighter, the new healthy diet essential, which helps you to achieve your goals, the sensible way.

Lepicol Lighter retails for £17.99 and is  available from January  in Independent Pharmacies, health food stores, online and leading high street retailers.

For more information contact Lepicol. You can call 01460 243230 or email

20th December 2016

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