Dasuquin Difference




Katie Flynn of Flynn's Pet Care and 12 year old collie, Bracken, have been keeping us updated on their progress using Dasuquin and we're so pleased to hear they've seen such fantastic results so far.

"We're absolutely delighted with how Bracken's joint stiffness has improved since being on Dasuquin as recommended by Bute & Cowal Vets!

He was initially on a loading dose of 2 tablets per day for about a month, but is now down to 1 tablet a day. The tablets are obviously tasty, so he's always happy to have his 'treat'!

It's the little things that we've really noticed - he's quicker to get up when he's been lying down for a while, keener to run when on the beach, happier to jump up into the car...

It may well be that as he gets older we'll need to look again at the other options available e.g. nsaids, but for now we can really say it's improved his life quality - and I can continue to go out walking with my constant companion." 
Katie Flynn.

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26th April 2017

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