Tummy Trouble?


Digestive upsets are common in dogs and cats and are usually caused by a few common culprits, from scavenging, a change in diet, stress from travel or a stay in kennels, or an underlying gut problem. Even the wrong food can cause an animal great discomfort - and that means plenty of worry for you.

This summer we have decided to delve into all things digestive health – featuring top tips on typical remedies, how to make the most of ‘walkies’, what foods our pets  should avoid, and ways to prevent future flare –ups. 

Healthy summer, healthy pets

Whether you want to know more about how to spot an underlying gut problem or tips for a healthy summer, including travelling with your pet and what food to avoid at those summer picnics – we have got you covered, with our series of handy articles and guides which will be released throughout the next few months. 

In the meantime take a look at our new informative animation for dog and cat owners:



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29th June 2018

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