Introducing Spot the Signs

Following on from our successful campaign Tummy Trouble, our latest campaign Spot the Signs will help owners understand and learn the common signs their pet may show that could indicate a digestive problem.

The campaign features an easy to read poster and educational animation for practices. And a handy leaflet for pet owners, which contains the popular Poop Points scoring system to help owners regularly check their cat or dog’s poop and keep track of their digestive health.

View the Spot the Signs animation!

“The signs associated with gastrointestinal disease can be unmistakable and very distressing for pets and pet owners,” said James Kyffin, Veterinary Director, Protexin Veterinary. “However, sometimes the signs can be more subtle and difficult for pet owners to recognise.  That is why we have launched the ‘Spot the Signs’ campaign to help educate pet owners of the clinical signs that can be associated with gastrointestinal disease, enabling them to identify the problems early and to seek expert advice from their veterinary surgeon.  We hope that this campaign will raise awareness and ensure that animals receive the best care possible.” 

There are plenty of ways for local practices to get involved. We are offering free digital and display kits for waiting rooms and social media. They contain a wall poster and client leaflets alongside a digital kit with images, the animation and content made available to practices who wish to share with their social media followers.

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14th January 2019

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