Gut Week!

What's Your Gut Feeling this Gut Week?

In recognition of Gut Week which runs 22nd - 28th August 2011. The Bio-Kult Probiotic team have compiled their 5 top tips for helping you to maintain a healthy gut.

1. Start taking a multi-strain probiotic such as Bio-Kult...

You should take a probiotic to help your digestive tract and immune system work better.
Probiotics contain microbes (tiny living organisms) that are known to benefit human health. They influence our resident microbes, known as the microflora. The microflora, in different parts of the body, defend us against infection. If we had no microflora in the intestine, we would probably be several hundred thousand-times more likely to develop an infection. The microflora also keeps our immune cells in an alert state ready to act against invading germs. Probiotics remedy disturbed microflora and help keep future disturbances at bay.

2. Stay calm...

Stress can upset the digestive system. Stress negatively affects our health and can have an impact on the microfloral balance in our gut, the calmer you are will help keep your digestive system settled. Remember the song, "Don't worry, be happy".
Using a probiotic during times of stress will help balance the microflora in your system and keep your gut happy.

3. Eat and drink sensibly...

We all love a big blowout now and again, and that is allowed. However, try to regularly eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and drink lots of water. Water is vitally important as it keeps food moving to where it is needed most - aiding digestion and absorption. Taking a good probiotic can also aid digestion, that way you will ensure your body is ready to combat that big blowout.

4. Excercise...

Everyone knows exercise is good for you. So when hitting the shops for a bit of retail therapy, try to take the stairs instead of the lifts.
When flicking through the many channels on TV, instead of using the remote, jump up from the sofa and switch channels on the TV set itself. Some probiotics have been shown to reduce illness in athletes after training, so if you do hit the gym after a day in the office try taking a probiotic as well.

5. Sleep...

After taking onboard all the previous tips it is important to give your body some well deserved rest. Sleep is very important to enable your body to re-charge. This will also let your digestive system relax as well.
When you wake up remember to take a probiotic to help your digestive system tackle whatever you intend to throw at it that day!

Follow these tips and see if you notice a difference this Gut Week.

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22nd August 2011

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