Peter Cartwright talks at Nutricentre - Webcast

Peter Cartwright

Human Micobiota specialist Peter Cartwright spoke at the Nutricentre in Park Crescent, London on 18th January 2012

His talk was all about probiotics.

"The idea of supporting our valuable microflora by the addition of beneficial bacteria is attractive. But what evidence is there that 'beneficial bacteria' are actually beneficial? How can they improve our health? And what type of probiotic products are most effective? Peter Cartwright, microbiologist and author of Probiotic Allies: How to maximise the health benefits of your microflora will speak clearly on probiotics, and is ready to answer a wide range of questions. He looks forward to meeting you."

If you could not make the date Nutricentre replay their talks on their webcast page


Peter Cartwright

17th January 2012

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