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Product Description

Gut Balancer is an everyday palatable probiotic and prebiotic powder, specifically designed for horses and ponies. Use daily for general wellbeing to support digestive function and efficiency.

Customer Reviews
By Jade on 14th June 2018
"My horse scoped positive for grade 3-4 Pyloric ulcers back in 2012. Since coming off GG, he has been on a low daily maintenance on the Gut Balancer, only upping to double dosage (or the Acid Ease) during serious stressful times. I have had a very happy, healthy horse since and in the last 4 years, since finding out about Quick Fix, I have been able to manage his stressful situations there and then! Brilliant product (as well as everything else amongst the Protexin range). Recommend each and every product."
Star Rating 5
By Karen Kirby on 10th January 2018
"Bought this product because my 15.1hh TB/Cob has had severe hives for 18 months & after doing some hair testing it was suggested to try a Gut Balancer so I spoke to the lovely young man on the Protexin stand at your horse live who gave me some fantastic advice & so far I have been very impressed & have just started my second tub. My cob now looks healthy and fit & doesn't look bloated anymore as all his insides are working as they should. When I ordered the tub from the website it was very easy & delivery was very prompt thank you Protexin."
Star Rating 5
By Sue Henriot on 23rd October 2017
"Prompt delivery. Many thanks."
Star Rating 4
By Claire on 25th August 2016
"I won this product on the monthly competition. I entered as my horse was showing discomfort when being groomed and didn't like to be touched around his belly. I was skeptical at first, but now 3 weeks in he is showing significant improvement, I can even use the curry comb again without protest! It is a relief to know he is feeling better."
Star Rating 5
By Elena on 20th April 2016
"Fast dispatch, great product, although there was no measuring spoon in the tub, so I have to guess quantity."
Star Rating 5
By Heather Weston on 13th April 2016
"Was recommended this product 2 years ago and it is invaluable. I use it at times of change and stress -before and after travelling, before and after competitions, when the grass has a surge etc. Equine Premium's service is excellent as well!"
Star Rating 5
By Jackie on 8th March 2016
"My aged mare was scouring badly and had started to lose weight. About 3-4 days after I had fed her the gut balancer she was back to normal. I have used this before and cannot recommend it too highly."
Star Rating 5
By Sherry Woolridge on 22nd April 2015
"A more economical way to continue to look after your horses' gut health"
Star Rating 5
By Sally Oakey on 16th February 2015
"Very happy with this product. My cob seems to be benefiting and I am very happy not to be having to wash his tail every week. I will be ordering more."
Star Rating 5
By susan on 22nd January 2015
"I swear by this product & use it on any ponies I am moving to new homes, they get it a week before, during & a week after to keep the gut normal in case of any stress. I also use it in competition when the ponies are stabled away from home. the company are always so helpful to give advice on amounts by email or phone."
Star Rating 5
By Thelma Middleton on 3rd December 2014
"Elite product in combination with elite service. Protexin has worked with our senior cob where others have failed. And we humans use the equivalent species product too!"
Star Rating 5
By Susan Bloodworth on 4th November 2014
"Excellent service"
Star Rating 5
By Anne Blair on 8th October 2014
"Great Product, Great Price, Great Service"
Star Rating 5
By Ellie Targett on 6th October 2014
"Very good service as the product arrived within a couple of days. We had a bit three day dressage competition to go to so I put my horse on the Gut balancer. He's fine although it made him a bit 'lose' and I'm not sure that he needs it as he is on other balancers. But worth a try."
Star Rating 4
By christy matheson on 15th July 2014
"I cannot recommend gut balancer high enough! My horse The Weaver, an ex racehorse, has always suffered gastric problems, from colic to general poor condition due to gastric ulcers. After trying numerous different feeds, supplements and medication Weaver was having more colic bouts although looking healthy in himself. A friend recommended Protexin and after contacting Anna from Protexin she advised Gut Balancer would be best. Since putting him on Gut balancer he is a transformed horse, he looks great and feels great and is alot more relaxed on a whole. We also use Quick Fix if he seems slightly stressed or uncomfortable in his gut. I recommend Protexin to everyone, and think it is an amazing product! Well done and thank you from Christy and The Weaver!"
Star Rating 5
By JOANNE PAGE on 24th June 2014
"We used this after our old mare had a horrible bout of colic resulting in surgery which removed lypomas. She was on a pre and probiotic in recovery and we have kept her on gut balancer ever since. She's 25 now and still hacks out and looks fantastic; vet says she looks like a 12 year old. Not to tempt fate but fit and healthy since. I cannot say for sure how much that's down to this product, since we also have a strict grazing regime, but it's certainly given us peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to look after an ageing digestive system. With no no sign of problems since though, it cannot prove its effectiveness any better. (Didn't give it 5 stars only because it is dear.)"
Star Rating 4
By Angela Bonner on 9th June 2014
"My horse has been on gut balancer for the last 3 months & we have seen not only a great improvement in his droppings (no longer smeared all down his legs), but he is a much more relaxed horse. He loads in the horse box much more readily & is less stressed when left on his own in the yard. We are so impressed that we are now trying the gut balancer on his field friend to see if we can sort out his loose poos as well (would be great if we could as he is a piebald & it is so much more noticeable on white legs). I will let you know if Woody responds as well as my Breeze has."
Star Rating 5
By Jacky on 3rd June 2014
"My pony has a possible gut absorption problem and lost a load of weight over Winter. What I really like about this product was it's palatability as she was a bit picky with food and I was concerned about adding anything that would put her off. I bought the quick fix one first as it could be dosed and as soon as her appetite picked up, I started this one."
Star Rating 5
By susan laing on 22nd April 2014
"I use gut balancer for when I know my pony is going to under go travelling stress or movement of fields....wouldn't do either without it!"
Star Rating 5
By Christine Cooke on 18th March 2014
"This product was highly recommended by a quality horse feed manufacturer to improve the stability of my competition ponies upset digestive system and therefore would improve the amount of nutrients absorbed. Is working well so far. P&p very prompt."
Star Rating 5
By lisa robertson on 4th March 2014
"We have seriously difficult mare, she loses weight in days and it previously tended to take 6 months to get weight back on, however now she looks absolutely amazing! She's about ready for the show session, finally the vet told me she was a bit fat! "
Star Rating 5
By Megan Alecock on 20th January 2014
"All I can say is; thank you for creating a miracle, your Gut Balance really is a dream supplement which we have been using for very many years, and won’t consider changing any time soon. The Gut Balancer has produced outstanding results and has helped my Pony's overall results and actions through out all disciplines. It strongly helps promote your horses digestive system with visible signs and also decreases stress levels. Words can't explain how much I recommend this supplement and how positive my feedback is."
Star Rating 5
By Sarah Youldon on 10th January 2014
"Amazing product, cleared up our Irish Cobs upset stomach within a week, (droppings were running down his back legs) cannot recommend this highly enough."
Star Rating 5
By Wendy Betts on 18th December 2013
"Really great product and best value for money! "
Star Rating 5
By Emma on 14th December 2013
"After suffering the last 2 winters with awful scouring, sloppy poo's, removing all tail flaps to lessen the mess etc!! Tried other things on the market & spent a fortune in vets fees for test etc. 48hrs after giving this we have perfect poo's and a lot less mess, fantastic stuff"
Star Rating 5
By Krista Middleton on 5th December 2013
"Top class product targeting gut health. Has made a huge improvement in my senior's digestive health. Highly recommended."
Star Rating 5
By Lara Booth on 15th November 2013
"I am a convert to the Gut Balancer. I've never endorsed a product before but this has truly helped my horse who had very sloppy droppings (almost liquid at times). I tried all the Big Named drugs but nothing seemed to work. The big test was when I ran out and the 'runny bum' returned! Thank You for finally showing me the light Protexin!"
Star Rating 5
By Emma Clarke on 12th September 2013
"I can't recommend Protexin Equine Premium Gut Balancer highly enough. My horse, an ex-racer, was difficult to girth and had trouble maintaining condition, especially in the winter. After feeding Gut Balancer for a few months, he now very rarely pulls a face when being girthed, moves better as he is in less discomfort and now I have to watch his weight! I will be using this product permanently *****!"
Star Rating 5
By Poppy Green on 24th August 2013
"For 2 years I tried Different conditioning feeds & Supplements for my two Ex Racers. I started using this product after receiving a months sample at a trade stand one day, and my Tbs have NEVER looked so good! LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I Recommend it Highly!"
Star Rating 5
By Jenny on 25th July 2013
"Amazing stuff, does exactly what it says."
Star Rating 5
By Jenny Mustoe on 23rd May 2013
"Following a bad reaction to some prescribed drugs, my vet recommended I get some pre/probiotics for my cob mare. I bought a 'quick fix' which certainly did what it said on the packet. I've since been adding a scoop of Gut Balancer to her daily bucket feed, and for the first time since I bought her (nearly 20 years ago) she no longer suffers from those appalling dribbly farts that are ruinous to white tails. If only I'd known before."
Star Rating 5
By Peter Wratten on 7th April 2013
"Our horse is prone to colic and has been to Newmarket hospital in the past. Since we put him on gut balancer two years ago,fingers crossed he as been fine"
Star Rating 5
By Mrs Tonie Stelfox on 13th March 2013
"I won a months supply of the gut balancer and I have never ever seen such a change in my horse he has not suffered at all with any signs of colic. His gut movement is ticking over nicely and his condition is fantastic. For a 21 year old Clevelandbay cross tb he has made a massive improvement to his quality of life. He will be on it for the rest of his happy days."
Star Rating 5
By Rhiannon Randall on 6th March 2013
"I think this product is wonderful and has really settled my welsh cob stallion into dropping his hind gut, i now have 4 out of 5 of my ponies on this and it gives them an all over shine too"
Star Rating 5
Directions for Use

Normal use: 10g (1 level measure) added to the daily food

Stress use: 20g (2 level measures) added to the daily food


Digestibility Enhancers
Protexin probiotic 
Saccharomyces cerevisiae (NCYC Sc47) 4b1702
1 x 1012 CFU/kg; 1 x 109 CFU/g


Technological Additives
Preplex® prebiotic - Acacia (Gum arabic)


Alfalfa meal, Preplex® prebiotic (Fructo-oligosaccharide), Brewers' yeast

Product Features
3500g, 400g, 7000g, 700g
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Delivery price on application.

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